Ark What Do Argentavis Eat

Ark: What Do Argentavis Eat?

In the vast world of Ark: Survival Evolved, players encounter a wide variety of creatures that inhabit the island. One such creature is the Argentavis, a large bird that can be tamed and ridden. But what do these majestic birds eat to survive in their virtual habitat? Let’s find out.

1. What is the natural diet of an Argentavis?
Argentavis are known to be carnivorous creatures. Their primary diet in the wild consists of smaller animals such as fish, insects, and smaller birds.

2. Can you tame an Argentavis?
Yes, Argentavis can be tamed, and once tamed, they can be used for various purposes, including transportation and combat.

3. What do tamed Argentavis eat?
Tamed Argentavis have a broader diet compared to their wild counterparts. They can eat raw and cooked meat, raw and cooked fish, and even prime meat. It is advisable to have a good supply of food to keep them well-fed.

4. Can Argentavis eat berries or crops?
No, Argentavis are strictly carnivorous and cannot derive sustenance from berries or crops. They rely solely on consuming meat-based products for their nutritional needs.

5. How often do Argentavis need to eat?
Tamed Argentavis have a relatively slow metabolism. They can go without food for a significant amount of time. However, it is crucial to regularly feed them to keep them at optimum health.

6. Can Argentavis be used for hunting?
Absolutely! Due to their large size and powerful attacks, Argentavis can be excellent hunting companions. Their ability to carry large amounts of weight makes them ideal for transporting resources.

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7. How do you acquire food for an Argentavis?
To sustain your Argentavis, you can hunt and kill other creatures for raw meat. Alternatively, you can set up a meat-preserving structure, such as a Preserving Bin or Refrigerator, to store food for more extended periods.

In conclusion, Argentavis are carnivorous creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved. While their natural diet mainly consists of smaller animals, tamed Argentavis can consume a variety of meat-based products. They can be tamed and used for transportation, hunting, and combat. To keep them well-fed, it is essential to have a steady supply of raw or cooked meat available. So, if you’re looking to tame an Argentavis, be prepared to provide them with the sustenance they need to thrive in the wilds of Ark.