How Long Can Wolf Spiders Live Without Food

How Long Can Wolf Spiders Live Without Food?

Wolf spiders are fascinating creatures that belong to the family Lycosidae. They are known for their hunting abilities and agile nature. Like all living organisms, wolf spiders require food to survive. However, they can survive for extended periods without food, thanks to their unique adaptations.

Wolf spiders primarily feed on insects and other small arthropods. These spiders are opportunistic hunters and do not construct webs to catch their prey. Instead, they rely on their excellent eyesight and speed to chase down their victims. This hunting strategy allows them to be more adaptable when it comes to finding food sources.

Although wolf spiders require food for sustenance, they have the ability to go without it for quite some time. In ideal conditions, with access to water, they can survive for several weeks or even months without feeding. This is due to their ability to store energy in their bodies. They possess a high metabolic rate, which allows them to efficiently convert and conserve energy.

However, it’s important to note that the length of time a wolf spider can survive without food greatly depends on various factors. Environmental conditions, temperature, humidity levels, and the individual spider’s health and age can all influence their ability to survive without food.


1. How often do wolf spiders need to eat?
Wolf spiders typically feed on a regular basis, consuming small prey every few days.

2. Can wolf spiders go without water too?
While they can survive longer without food than water, wolf spiders still require access to water for hydration.

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3. What happens if a wolf spider doesn’t find food?
If unable to find food, a wolf spider’s energy reserves will gradually deplete, leading to a weakened state and eventually death.

4. Can wolf spiders eat larger prey?
Yes, wolf spiders are capable of capturing and consuming prey larger than themselves.

5. Do wolf spiders hibernate?
No, wolf spiders do not hibernate. They remain active year-round, although their activity may decrease during colder months.

6. Are wolf spiders venomous?
Yes, wolf spiders are venomous, but their venom is not harmful to humans.

7. How can I attract wolf spiders to my garden?
Creating a diverse and insect-rich garden will naturally attract wolf spiders as they seek out prey.