How to Eat Fried Blue Crab

How to Eat Fried Blue Crab

Crabs are a popular seafood delicacy enjoyed by people all over the world. One particularly tasty variety is the blue crab, known for its succulent meat and rich flavor. If you’re a fan of this seafood delight, you might be wondering how to properly eat fried blue crab. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you enjoy this delectable treat.

1. Start by grabbing the crab with both hands and firmly twist and pull off the claws. Set them aside for later.

2. Turn the crab upside down and lift up the apron, the triangular flap on the belly. Pull it off, exposing the crab’s main shell.

3. Gently break the main shell by pulling it apart with your hands. This will allow you to access the crab’s meat.

4. Remove the gills, also called “dead man’s fingers,” by pulling them away from the body. These are inedible and should be discarded.

5. Using a small fork or your fingers, carefully pick out the white meat from the crab’s body. Be sure to remove any remaining shell fragments.

6. Crack open the claws using a crab cracker or a mallet. Extract the meat from the claws, which is often the most sought-after part of the crab.

7. Now that you have all the meat extracted, it’s time to savor your fried blue crab. Dip the meat in your favorite sauce, such as tartar or cocktail sauce, or enjoy it plain.


1. Can I eat the crab’s shell? No, the shell is too hard and inedible. Only eat the soft, white meat inside.

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2. How do I break the crab’s claws? Use a crab cracker or mallet to crack open the claws and access the meat.

3. Are there any parts of the crab I shouldn’t eat? Yes, the gills, also known as “dead man’s fingers,” are inedible and should be removed.

4. What is the best sauce to enjoy with fried blue crab? This is subjective, but popular choices include tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, or even melted butter.

5. Can I eat the apron on the belly? No, the apron is tough and not meant for consumption. It should be removed.

6. How do I remove shell fragments from the meat? Carefully inspect the meat and use a small fork or your fingers to remove any remaining shell fragments.

7. Can I eat the yellow substance inside the crab? The yellow substance, also known as “mustard,” is the crab’s hepatopancreas and is considered a delicacy by some. However, it is an acquired taste and not everyone enjoys it.

Now that you have the knowledge of how to eat fried blue crab, it’s time to put it into practice. Enjoy this tasty seafood treat and savor every bite!