What Can I Feed My Chickens if I Run Out of Food

What Can I Feed My Chickens if I Run Out of Food?

As a responsible chicken owner, it is important to ensure that your flock has a balanced diet. However, there may be instances where you run out of chicken feed and need alternative options to sustain your feathered friends. Here are some suggestions for what you can feed your chickens if you find yourself without their regular feed:

1. Leftover Vegetables and Fruits: Chickens can enjoy a wide range of leftover vegetables and fruits. Be sure to avoid any toxic options such as onions, avocados, or citrus fruits.

2. Grains: You can give your chickens cooked rice, oatmeal, or other grains to provide them with energy. Avoid seasoning or adding any salt or spices to the grains.

3. Bread: While bread should not be a staple in a chicken’s diet, it can be given as a temporary substitute. Ensure that it is not moldy or stale.

4. Dairy Products: Chickens can consume small amounts of dairy products like cheese or yogurt. However, avoid giving them milk.

5. Insects and Bugs: Chickens are natural foragers and can find insects and bugs in your garden. Allowing them to free-range can supplement their diet.

6. Mealworms: Mealworms are high in protein and can be an excellent treat for your chickens. You can purchase them or even consider raising your own mealworm colony.

7. Grit and Oyster Shells: While not food, providing your chickens with grit and oyster shells is essential for their digestion and the development of strong eggshells.


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1. Can I feed my chickens human leftovers?
Yes, you can feed them leftover vegetables and fruits, but avoid any toxic options.

2. Can chickens eat bread?
Yes, but it should not be a regular part of their diet.

3. Can I give my chickens dairy products?
Yes, small amounts of cheese or yogurt are safe for chickens.

4. Are insects and bugs safe for chickens to eat?
Yes, chickens naturally eat insects and bugs, which provide them with protein.

5. Can I give my chickens mealworms?
Yes, mealworms are a great source of protein and are enjoyed by chickens.

6. Do chickens need grit and oyster shells?
Yes, grit aids digestion, and oyster shells provide calcium for strong eggshells.

7. What should I avoid feeding my chickens?
Avoid giving your chickens anything toxic, like onions, avocados, or citrus fruits. Also, steer clear of salty or seasoned foods.