What Candy Can You Eat With Dentures

What Candy Can You Eat With Dentures

Having dentures doesn’t mean you have to give up on enjoying your favorite sweet treats. While it’s important to be cautious about what you eat with dentures to prevent damage, there are plenty of candies that are denture-friendly. Here are some candies that you can enjoy without worrying about damaging your dentures.

1. Soft chocolates: Chocolates that melt in your mouth are a safe choice for denture wearers. Avoid hard or chewy chocolates that may stick to your dentures.

2. Marshmallows: These soft and fluffy treats are ideal for denture wearers as they are gentle on your dentures and easy to chew.

3. Peanut butter cups: These delicious treats are soft and easy to eat with dentures. Just be mindful of any nuts or crunchy textures that may be present.

4. Soft caramels: Opt for soft caramels that won’t stick to your dentures. Avoid chewy or hard caramels that can potentially dislodge your dentures.

5. Jell-O and pudding: These gelatin-based treats are soft and smooth, making them perfect for denture wearers.

6. Milkshakes and smoothies: Indulge in a refreshing milkshake or smoothie, which are easy to consume and won’t harm your dentures.

7. Sugar-free hard candies: If you have a sweet tooth but want to avoid sugar, opt for sugar-free hard candies that dissolve easily in your mouth.


1. Can I eat hard candies with dentures?
It’s best to avoid hard candies as they can potentially damage your dentures or cause them to become loose.

2. Are gummy candies safe for denture wearers?
Gummy candies are not recommended as they can stick to your dentures and be difficult to remove.

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3. Can I eat caramel with dentures?
Soft caramels may be safe to eat with dentures, but chewy or hard caramels can be problematic and should be avoided.

4. Can I chew gum with dentures?
Chewing gum can dislodge or damage your dentures, so it’s best to avoid it.

5. Are nuts and crunchy candies safe for denture wearers?
Nuts and crunchy candies can potentially dislodge your dentures and should be avoided.

6. Can I eat hard chocolate bars with dentures?
Hard chocolate bars can be difficult to chew and may damage your dentures. Opt for soft chocolates instead.

7. Is it safe to eat sticky candies with dentures?
Sticky candies can get stuck to your dentures and may cause discomfort or damage. It’s best to avoid them.

Remember, it’s essential to practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly to ensure your dentures are in good condition. Enjoy your favorite candies responsibly and take care of your dentures for a hassle-free and enjoyable eating experience.