What Crows Like to Eat

What Crows Like to Eat

Crows are highly intelligent and adaptable birds that can be found in various parts of the world. They are known for their scavenger nature and will eat a wide variety of foods. Here are some of the foods that crows particularly enjoy:

1. Carrion: Crows are carrion eaters, which means they feast on dead animals. They play a crucial role in maintaining the ecosystem by cleaning up carcasses and preventing the spread of diseases.

2. Insects: Crows have a diverse diet that includes insects like beetles, grasshoppers, and spiders. They often forage in open fields or near bodies of water where insect populations are abundant.

3. Fruits and berries: Crows have a sweet tooth and relish fruits and berries. They are particularly drawn to apples, cherries, blueberries, and grapes. Crows will also raid fruit trees and agricultural crops, causing occasional conflicts with farmers.

4. Seeds and nuts: Crows are known to eat a variety of seeds and nuts, such as corn, sunflower seeds, and peanuts. They are skillful at cracking open shells to access the nutritious kernels inside.

5. Small animals: Crows are opportunistic hunters and will capture small animals like mice, squirrels, and even young birds. They are known to raid nests for eggs and chicks, making them a potential threat to other bird species.

6. Garbage: Crows have adapted well to living alongside humans and have learned to scavenge through garbage cans and dumpsters. They can find food scraps that humans discard, making urban areas a convenient food source for them.

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7. Human food: Crows are not picky eaters and will happily consume human food leftovers. They are often seen scavenging at picnic areas or outdoor eating spaces, searching for discarded sandwiches, french fries, or any other tasty morsels.


1. Are crows carnivores? Crows are omnivores, meaning they eat both animal and plant-based foods.

2. Do crows eat fish? Although fish is not their primary diet, crows will eat fish if the opportunity arises.

3. Can crows eat bread? While crows can eat bread, it is not a nutritious food for them and should only be given in small amounts.

4. Are crows harmful to other bird species? Crows may prey on the eggs and chicks of other bird species, making them potential threats to nesting birds.

5. How often do crows eat? Crows typically feed multiple times a day, as they have a high metabolic rate.

6. Are crows attracted to bird feeders? Crows may be attracted to bird feeders if they contain seeds, nuts, or suet.

7. Can crows eat pet food? Crows can eat pet food, but it is not recommended to feed them regularly as it may disrupt their natural foraging behavior.

In conclusion, crows have a diverse and adaptable diet that includes carrion, insects, fruits, seeds, small animals, garbage, and human food. They play a vital role in the ecosystem as scavengers and are known for their intelligence and resourcefulness.