What Did the Sumerians Eat

What Did the Sumerians Eat?

The Sumerians, who lived in ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) around 4000 BC, were one of the earliest civilizations in history. They were known for their advanced agricultural techniques and the development of a complex society. So, what did the Sumerians eat?

The Sumerians primarily relied on a diet based on grains, especially barley. They cultivated barley extensively and used it to make bread, porridge, and beer. They also grew other grains like wheat, millet, and lentils. These grains were ground into flour and used to make various types of bread and porridge. Meat, including beef, lamb, and poultry, was consumed, but it was not as common as grains. Fruits and vegetables such as figs, dates, onions, garlic, and lettuce were also a part of their diet.

FAQs about Sumerian Food:

1. Did the Sumerians eat fish?
Yes, fish was an important part of their diet. They caught fish from rivers and canals and also farmed them in artificial ponds.

2. Did the Sumerians eat dairy products?
The consumption of dairy products like milk and cheese was limited. However, they did use milk to make yogurt and butter.

3. How did the Sumerians season their food?
They used various herbs and spices like coriander, cumin, and sesame seeds to season their food. They also used honey as a sweetener.

4. Did the Sumerians eat bread with every meal?
Bread was a staple in their diet, and it was consumed with almost every meal. However, the quality of the bread varied depending on one’s social status.

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5. Did the Sumerians drink water?
The Sumerians did drink water, but they also consumed a lot of beer. Beer was a staple in their diet, and it was even used as a form of currency.

6. How did the Sumerians store their food?
They used clay pots and jars to store their grains, fruits, and vegetables. These containers were often sealed to protect the food from pests.

7. Did the Sumerians have desserts?
Yes, they enjoyed sweet treats like pastries, cakes, and honeyed fruits. They also made a type of sweet pudding called “sikaru” using barley and dates.

In conclusion, the Sumerians had a diverse diet based on grains, especially barley. They also consumed meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Their culinary practices and agricultural advancements laid the foundation for many future civilizations, making the Sumerians an important part of culinary history.