What Do Ankys Eat in Ark

What Do Ankys Eat in Ark?

In the popular video game, Ark: Survival Evolved, players embark on a thrilling adventure where they must survive in a dangerous world filled with prehistoric creatures. One such creature is the Ankylosaurus, a heavily armored dinosaur known for its powerful tail and ability to gather resources. But what exactly do Ankys eat in Ark? Let’s find out!

Ankys are herbivores, meaning their diet consists solely of plant matter. In the game, they can consume various types of vegetation and crops. Their preferred food sources include berries, vegetables, and even rare flowers. Ankys are also capable of consuming seeds, such as rockarrot seeds and savoroot seeds.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Ankylosaurus’ diet in Ark:

1. Can Ankys eat meat?
No, Ankys are strictly herbivorous and do not consume meat.

2. What are the best berries to feed Ankys?
Ankys have a preference for Mejoberries, but they can also eat other types of berries like Azulberries and Tintoberries.

3. Can Ankys eat crops?
Yes, Ankys can eat crops like corn, potatoes, and carrots. These can be grown in a garden or found in the wild.

4. Where can I find rare flowers for Ankys?
Rare flowers can be obtained by harvesting various plants, including the rare mushroom, cactus, and plant species X.

5. Can Ankys eat seeds?
Yes, Ankys can consume seeds. Some suitable options include rockarrot seeds, savoroot seeds, and even longrass seeds.

6. Do Ankys require a specific quantity of food?
Ankys have a large appetite, so they require a significant amount of food to sustain themselves. It’s important to keep them well-fed to maintain their health and productivity.

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7. How often should I feed my Ankylosaurus?
Ankys have a slow metabolism, so they do not need to be fed as frequently as other creatures. Feeding them every few hours should be sufficient to keep them satisfied.

In the world of Ark: Survival Evolved, understanding what Ankys eat is crucial for taming and utilizing these powerful creatures. By providing them with the appropriate diet, players can increase their productivity and gather valuable resources more efficiently. So, grab some berries and vegetables, and keep those Ankys well-fed on your adventure!