What Do Baby Cockatiels Eat

Cockatiels are popular pet birds known for their friendly nature and beautiful plumage. If you’re a proud owner of a baby cockatiel, you must ensure their diet is appropriate to promote healthy growth and development. Here is a guide on what baby cockatiels eat and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Baby cockatiels, like adults, primarily eat a diet consisting of seeds. However, their diet needs to be supplemented with additional nutrients to support their growth. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential part of their diet. You can offer them a variety of options such as apples, carrots, peas, and leafy greens. It is important to wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly and cut them into small, manageable pieces.

Additionally, baby cockatiels require a source of protein. You can provide them with cooked eggs, lentils, or small pieces of cooked chicken. Make sure the protein is well-cooked and cut into tiny pieces to avoid any choking hazards.


1. How often should I feed my baby cockatiel?
Baby cockatiels should be fed small amounts of food every 3-4 hours throughout the day.

2. Can I feed my baby cockatiel human baby food?
It’s best to avoid feeding them human baby food as it may contain additives or ingredients that are harmful to birds.

3. Should I offer my baby cockatiel supplements?
If you are providing a well-balanced diet, supplements are generally not necessary. However, consult a veterinarian if you have concerns.

4. Can baby cockatiels eat seeds?
Yes, seeds are a crucial part of their diet, but they should be offered in moderation as too many seeds can lead to obesity.

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5. Can I give my baby cockatiel water?
Yes, you should provide fresh, clean water in a shallow dish, ensuring it is changed daily.

6. When should I introduce solid food to my baby cockatiel?
Around 3-4 weeks old, you can start introducing small pieces of fruits, vegetables, and protein.

7. Can I give my baby cockatiel treats?
Treats should be given sparingly, as they may fill up on them and not consume their regular diet. Opt for healthy options such as millet sprays.

Remember, a balanced diet is crucial for the healthy development of your baby cockatiel. Along with providing nutritious foods, ensure they have access to clean water and a happy, stimulating environment for optimal growth.