What Do Gasbags Eat Ark

What Do Gasbags Eat in Ark: Survival Evolved?

Ark: Survival Evolved offers players a diverse range of creatures to encounter and tame, one of which is the Gasbags. These peculiar creatures are known for their ability to float through the air and act as a living hot air balloon. However, many players often wonder, what do Gasbags eat in Ark?

Gasbags are herbivorous creatures, meaning they survive solely on a plant-based diet. They are known to consume a variety of vegetation, including berries, crops, and even certain types of seeds. In the game, players can feed them various fruits, vegetables, and plant-based foods to keep them healthy and satisfied.

To ensure your Gasbags are well-fed, it is recommended to gather a variety of plant materials. This can include berries such as Mejoberry, Azulberry, Tintoberry, and Amarberry. Additionally, crops like Rockarrot and Longrass can be grown in a greenhouse or found in the wild and fed to the Gasbags.


1. Can Gasbags eat meat?
No, Gasbags are herbivores and cannot consume meat. Their diet consists solely of plant-based foods.

2. What is the best food for Gasbags?
Gasbags have a preference for berries, especially Mejoberry, but they can also be fed crops such as Rockarrot and Longrass.

3. How often do Gasbags need to eat?
Gasbags have a slow food consumption rate compared to other creatures. Feeding them once every 30 minutes to an hour should be sufficient.

4. Can Gasbags be fed from a trough?
Yes, Gasbags can be fed from a feeding trough, which can help ensure they have a constant supply of food.

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5. Can Gasbags be force-fed?
Yes, if a Gasbag is injured or needs healing, players can force-feed them berries to restore their health.

6. Can Gasbags eat seeds?
Yes, certain seeds can be fed to Gasbags, such as Savoroot Seeds and Longrass Seeds.

7. Do Gasbags have any special dietary requirements?
Gasbags do not have any specific dietary requirements. They can be sustained solely on a diet of berries, crops, and seeds.

In conclusion, Gasbags in Ark: Survival Evolved are herbivorous creatures that require a plant-based diet to survive. Feeding them a variety of berries, crops, and seeds will keep them healthy and content during your adventures in the game.