What Do Pikes Eat

What Do Pikes Eat?

Pikes are predatory fish known for their voracious appetite and ability to ambush their prey. Found in freshwater lakes and rivers across North America, Europe, and Asia, these fish are formidable hunters. But what exactly do pikes eat?

Pikes primarily feed on other fish, making them piscivorous. Their diet consists mainly of small to medium-sized fish, such as perch, minnows, and sunfish. They are opportunistic hunters and will consume any fish that they can overpower and fit into their large mouths. Pikes are known for their sharp teeth, which help them grasp and hold onto their prey.

In addition to fish, pikes may also feed on amphibians, small mammals, and even birds that venture too close to the water’s surface. They are skilled at camouflaging themselves within aquatic vegetation, allowing them to ambush their prey with surprise attacks.


1. Do pikes ever eat other pikes?
Yes, cannibalism is not uncommon among pikes. Larger pikes have been known to prey on smaller ones.

2. How often do pikes eat?
Pikes are known for their ability to go several days without eating, especially during colder months. However, when food is available, they will consume it readily.

3. Do pikes eat during the night?
Pikes are primarily diurnal hunters, meaning they are most active during the day. However, they can also feed at night if conditions are favorable.

4. Are pikes a threat to humans?
While pikes are aggressive predators, they generally pose no threat to humans. They prefer to avoid human interaction and will typically swim away if approached.

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5. How do pikes catch their prey?
Pikes rely on their exceptional speed and camouflage to ambush their prey. They lie in wait among aquatic vegetation and strike with lightning-fast movements.

6. Can pikes eat prey larger than themselves?
Pikes are known for their ability to consume prey larger than themselves. They have a flexible jaw that allows them to swallow prey of considerable size.

7. Do pikes eat anything other than live prey?
While pikes primarily consume live prey, they may occasionally scavenge on dead animals if the opportunity arises.

In conclusion, pikes are carnivorous fish that primarily feed on other fish, but they are opportunistic hunters and will consume various other aquatic creatures. Their sharp teeth and ambush tactics make them formidable predators in freshwater ecosystems.