What Do Rock Golems Eat in Ark

What Do Rock Golems Eat in Ark?

In the expansive world of Ark: Survival Evolved, players encounter a variety of creatures, each with their own unique characteristics and dietary needs. One such creature is the Rock Golem, a formidable creature that serves as both a powerful ally and a formidable foe. But what exactly do Rock Golems eat in Ark?

Rock Golems are herbivores, which means they primarily consume plant matter. In Ark, their preferred food is the boulder-like rocks found throughout the game world. These rocks can be harvested and fed directly to Rock Golems to replenish their hunger levels. Additionally, Rock Golems can also eat berries, specifically the Mejoberry and Amarberry varieties. These berries can be easily obtained by gathering them from bushes or harvesting them from planted crops.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Rock Golem’s diet in Ark:

1. Can Rock Golems eat other types of rocks?
No, Rock Golems can only consume the boulder-like rocks that resemble their own bodies.

2. How do I harvest rocks for my Rock Golem?
You can use a Pickaxe or a Mining Drill to gather rocks from various rock formations in the game world.

3. Can Rock Golems eat other types of food?
While Rock Golems are primarily herbivores, they can also consume other plant-based food such as vegetables and crops.

4. Do Rock Golems require water to survive?
No, Rock Golems do not require water to survive. They solely rely on their rock-based diet to sustain themselves.

5. Can Rock Golems be tamed?
Yes, Rock Golems can be tamed using a unique method involving a Titanosaur and a catapult. Once tamed, they can be saddled and ridden.

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6. How often should I feed my Rock Golem?
Rock Golems have a slow metabolism, so they do not require frequent feeding. Feeding them every few hours should be sufficient.

7. Are there any benefits to feeding Rock Golems with specific foods?
Feeding Rock Golems with their preferred food, the boulder-like rocks, will provide them with a greater food value and increase their effectiveness in combat.

In conclusion, Rock Golems in Ark: Survival Evolved are herbivores that primarily consume boulder-like rocks and berries. By understanding their dietary needs, players can effectively tame and utilize these powerful creatures in their gameplay adventures.