What Does a Argentavis Eat in Ark

What Does an Argentavis Eat in Ark?

The Argentavis, also known as the “Argy,” is a popular creature in the game Ark: Survival Evolved. As a large bird with impressive wingspan and carrying capacity, the Argentavis is highly sought after by players. But what does this majestic bird feed on within the game?

In Ark, the Argentavis is classified as a carnivorous creature, meaning it primarily consumes meat. It is known to attack and kill various creatures in the game, including smaller animals and even some larger ones. The Argentavis can effortlessly snatch up its prey and carry it away with its powerful talons.

The diet of an Argentavis consists of various meats, including raw meat, prime meat, and even fish. It can also consume raw prime meat, which is a highly nutritious food source for the bird. Additionally, the Argentavis can scavenge dead bodies for meat, making it a useful companion for players when hunting or exploring.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Argentavis in Ark:

1. Can an Argentavis eat berries?
No, the Argentavis is strictly carnivorous and cannot consume berries or plant-based foods.

2. What is the preferred food source for an Argentavis?
Raw meat is the most common food source for an Argentavis, but it can also eat prime meat and fish.

3. Can an Argentavis kill larger creatures?
Yes, an Argentavis has the ability to attack and kill creatures larger than itself, making it a formidable predator.

4. Can an Argentavis carry its prey while flying?
No, the Argentavis cannot carry its prey while in flight. It must land to consume the meat.

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5. Can an Argentavis gather meat from dead bodies?
Yes, the Argentavis can scavenge meat from corpses, making it an efficient way to gather resources during hunts.

6. How much meat can an Argentavis carry?
The Argentavis has a high carrying capacity, allowing it to transport large amounts of meat or other resources.

7. Can an Argentavis be tamed?
Yes, players can tame an Argentavis by using various methods, such as using a bola or tranquilizer arrows.

In conclusion, the Argentavis in Ark is a carnivorous creature that primarily feeds on meat. It is a versatile companion for players, capable of hunting and scavenging for food, as well as transporting large amounts of resources. Whether you’re exploring the game’s vast landscapes or engaging in battles, the Argentavis is a valuable asset to have by your side.