What Flowers Do Iguanas Not Eat

What Flowers Do Iguanas Not Eat?

Iguanas are herbivorous reptiles known for their voracious appetite for plants. If you have an iguana as a pet or live in an area with wild iguanas, you may be wondering which flowers are safe to plant without the risk of them being devoured. Here are some flowers that iguanas typically avoid:

1. Marigolds: These vibrant flowers are known for their pungent odor, which is unattractive to iguanas. Planting marigolds can help deter these reptiles from your garden.

2. Geraniums: Iguanas tend to avoid geraniums due to their strong scent. These colorful flowers are a great choice for iguana-friendly gardens.

3. Petunias: These popular garden flowers are not a preferred meal for iguanas. Their trumpet-shaped blooms and mildly bitter taste make them less appealing to these reptiles.

4. Begonias: With their waxy texture and slightly toxic sap, begonias are generally avoided by iguanas. However, it’s essential to ensure that pets or children are not exposed to the sap, as it can cause skin irritation.

5. Impatiens: These shade-loving plants have a bitter taste that iguanas find unappetizing. Planting impatiens can discourage iguanas from munching on your flowers.

6. Zinnias: These brightly colored flowers are often left untouched by iguanas. Their strong fragrance and bitter taste make them less appealing as a snack.

7. Sunflowers: While iguanas may occasionally nibble on the leaves, they typically avoid the large, tough stalks and flowers of sunflowers.


1. Are roses safe from iguanas?
Roses are not typically a preferred food for iguanas, but they may occasionally nibble on the leaves or buds.

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2. Do iguanas eat tulips?
Tulips are generally safe from iguanas, as they find their taste unappealing.

3. Can iguanas eat daisies?
Iguanas are not particularly interested in eating daisies, making them a suitable choice for your garden.

4. Are orchids a safe option?
Orchids are not commonly consumed by iguanas, but it’s always best to check their preferences as individual tastes can vary.

5. Do iguanas eat daffodils?
Daffodils contain toxic compounds that deter iguanas from consuming them.

6. Can iguanas harm cacti?
Iguanas may occasionally nibble on cactus leaves, but their spines usually deter them from causing significant damage.

7. Are lilies safe from iguanas?
Most lily varieties are toxic to iguanas and should be avoided in their presence.

By planting iguana-resistant flowers in your garden, you can create a beautiful and safe environment for both your plants and these reptiles.