What Food Should I Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

What Food Should I Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental procedure that often requires a few days of recovery. During this time, it is essential to consume foods that are easy to chew, do not require excessive chewing or biting, and are soft and gentle on the surgical site. Here are some recommendations for foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal:

1. Soups and broths: Warm soups and broths are excellent options as they are easy to swallow and can provide necessary nutrients. Opt for smooth and creamy varieties without any chunky ingredients.

2. Mashed potatoes: Mashed potatoes are soft and can be easily consumed without causing discomfort. Avoid adding any spicy or crunchy toppings.

3. Yogurt: Soft and creamy yogurt is a great source of protein and calcium. Choose plain or flavored yogurts without any crunchy add-ins.

4. Smoothies: Nutrient-packed smoothies made with fruits, vegetables, and yogurt or milk are not only delicious but also easy to consume. Avoid using a straw to prevent dislodging the blood clot.

5. Applesauce: Applesauce is a soft and gentle option that can be enjoyed without discomfort. Opt for unsweetened varieties to avoid irritation.

6. Protein shakes: Protein shakes can provide the necessary nutrients while being easy to consume. Choose a smooth and creamy shake without any seeds or crunchy additives.

7. Scrambled eggs: Soft and fluffy scrambled eggs are a good source of protein. Ensure they are cooked thoroughly to avoid any potential chewing difficulties.


1. Can I eat solid foods after wisdom teeth removal?
It is best to stick to soft and easy-to-chew foods for the first few days after the procedure.

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2. When can I start eating normal foods?
You can gradually reintroduce normal foods after the initial healing period, usually after a week.

3. Can I drink hot beverages?
Avoid hot beverages for the first 24 hours to prevent any irritation or disruption of the blood clot.

4. Can I eat spicy foods?
Spicy foods should be avoided as they can irritate the surgical site and cause discomfort.

5. Is it necessary to avoid crunchy foods?
Yes, crunchy foods can increase the risk of irritating the surgical site or getting lodged in the extraction socket.

6. How long should I wait to consume alcoholic beverages?
It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours before consuming any alcoholic beverages.

7. What should I do if I experience pain while eating?
If you experience pain while eating, try to stick to softer foods and consult your dentist if the pain persists.

Remember, it is crucial to follow your dentist’s specific post-operative instructions and gradually reintroduce regular foods as you heal.