What Food Was So Prized That It Was Also Used as Money

What Food Was So Prized That It Was Also Used as Money?

Throughout history, various foods have been considered so valuable that they were used as a form of currency. One such example is salt. Salt has been highly prized for its ability to preserve food and enhance flavors. Its scarcity and importance in daily life led to its use as a form of currency in many ancient civilizations.

In ancient Rome, soldiers were often paid in salt, which is where the word “salary” is derived from. Salt was also used as a medium of exchange in various African and Asian cultures. People would trade goods and services for salt, and its value was so high that it could even be used to pay taxes.

Salt’s use as currency was not limited to ancient times. In fact, it continued well into the 20th century. In some parts of Ethiopia, salt blocks were used as a form of currency as recently as the 1930s. These blocks were carefully measured and traded for other goods and services.

Nowadays, salt is no longer used as a form of currency, but its importance in our daily lives remains. It is an essential ingredient in cooking and a vital nutrient for our bodies. The abundance and easy access to salt in modern times have made it an affordable and widely used commodity.


1. Why was salt so valuable?
Salt was valuable because of its ability to preserve food, enhance flavors, and its scarcity in ancient times.

2. Which ancient civilization used salt as currency?
Ancient Rome is one of the well-known civilizations that used salt as a form of currency.

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3. How was salt used as money?
Salt was traded for goods and services, used to pay taxes, and soldiers were even paid in salt.

4. When did the use of salt as currency end?
The use of salt as currency gradually declined in the early 20th century.

5. Is salt still valuable today?
While salt is no longer used as currency, it still holds value due to its essential role in cooking and its importance as a nutrient.

6. What other foods have been used as currency?
Other foods that have been used as currency include spices, cocoa beans, and tea leaves.

7. Are there any modern examples of food being used as currency?
In some remote communities, items like cigarettes or alcohol can sometimes be used as an alternative form of currency in certain transactions.