What Fruits Can a Crested Gecko Eat

Crested geckos are popular pets known for their unique appearance and low maintenance requirements. While they primarily feed on insects and commercial gecko diets, it’s important to supplement their diet with fruits to provide essential nutrients and variety. Here are some fruits that you can safely feed your crested gecko:

1. Mango: Rich in vitamins A and C, mango is a great choice. Remove the skin and seeds before offering it to your gecko.

2. Papaya: This tropical fruit contains enzymes that aid digestion. Offer small pieces of ripe papaya to your gecko.

3. Banana: High in potassium and easily digestible, bananas are a perfect treat for your gecko. Ensure the fruit is ripe and remove the peel before feeding.

4. Fig: Figs are a good source of fiber and calcium. Offer small pieces of ripe figs occasionally to provide variety.

5. Apricot: These fruits are packed with vitamins A and C. Remove the pit and skin before feeding your gecko.

6. Blueberries: These tiny fruits are rich in antioxidants and make a great occasional treat. Offer them sparingly due to their high sugar content.

7. Pears: Pears are a good source of fiber and water. Offer small, soft pieces to your gecko.


1. Can crested geckos eat citrus fruits?
No, citrus fruits are too acidic for crested geckos and can cause stomach upset.

2. Can I feed my gecko grapes?
Grapes are high in sugar and should be offered sparingly as an occasional treat.

3. Are strawberries safe for crested geckos?
Strawberries are safe in moderation. Offer small pieces occasionally due to their high sugar content.

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4. Can I feed my gecko apples?
Apples are safe for geckos, but they should be offered in small, soft pieces to prevent choking.

5. Should I remove the seeds from fruits before feeding my gecko?
Yes, seeds can be a choking hazard, so it’s best to remove them before offering fruits to your gecko.

6. Can I feed my gecko canned fruits?
Fresh fruits are always preferable, as canned fruits often contain added sugars and preservatives that can be harmful to your gecko.

7. How often should I offer fruits to my crested gecko?
Fruits should be offered as a treat or supplement to their main diet of insects and commercial gecko food. Aim for 10-15% of their overall diet to consist of fruits.