What Kibble Do Baryonyx Eat

What Kibble Do Baryonyx Eat?

Baryonyx, a carnivorous dinosaur that lived during the early Cretaceous period, had a diverse diet that primarily consisted of fish. As an apex predator, it possessed unique adaptations that allowed it to effectively hunt and consume its prey. While no kibble specifically named after Baryonyx exists in the popular game ARK: Survival Evolved, there are other kibble options that can be used to tame this creature.

In the game, Baryonyx can be tamed using regular Kibble, which is a type of food item made from eggs and other ingredients. The specific type of egg required for Baryonyx is the Kaprosuchus Egg, which can be obtained by breeding a Kaprosuchus, another creature in the game, or by finding them in the wild.

The use of regular Kibble to tame Baryonyx highlights the game’s emphasis on balancing the gameplay mechanics, rather than reflecting the actual diet of this prehistoric creature. Nonetheless, it provides an effective method for players to tame and utilize Baryonyx as a mount or a source of defense.


1. What is Baryonyx’s diet in real life?
In real life, Baryonyx primarily consumed fish, but it may have also hunted other small animals.

2. Why is there no specific Baryonyx kibble in the game?
The game developers may have chosen to use regular Kibble to simplify the taming process and maintain gameplay balance.

3. Can Baryonyx be tamed without kibble?
Yes, Baryonyx can also be tamed using raw fish meat, cooked fish meat, or prime fish meat.

4. Can Baryonyx be used for underwater exploration?
Yes, Baryonyx is an excellent mount for underwater exploration due to its swimming and oxygen capabilities.

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5. How can I obtain Kaprosuchus eggs?
Kaprosuchus eggs can be obtained by breeding Kaprosuchus or by locating them in the wild.

6. What other creatures can be tamed using Kaprosuchus eggs?
Kaprosuchus eggs can also be used to tame other creatures, such as Megalosaurus and Megatherium.

7. Is Baryonyx a strong combatant?
Yes, Baryonyx is a formidable combatant both on land and in water, making it a versatile creature for defense and offense.