What Nuts Squirrels Eat

What Nuts Squirrels Eat

Squirrels are known for their love of nuts. These adorable creatures have a diverse diet that includes a variety of nuts, among other foods. Nuts are an essential part of a squirrel’s diet as they provide them with necessary nutrients and energy. Here are some nuts that squirrels commonly eat:

1. Acorns: Acorns are a favorite among squirrels. These nuts are rich in fats and proteins, making them a valuable food source for squirrels during the winter months.

2. Walnuts: Squirrels are experts at cracking open walnut shells to access the tasty treat inside. Walnuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for squirrels’ overall health.

3. Hazelnuts: Hazelnuts are another popular nut for squirrels. These nuts are high in calories and provide squirrels with much-needed energy.

4. Almonds: Squirrels are known to munch on almonds whenever they find them. Almonds are a good source of vitamin E and healthy fats.

5. Pecans: Pecans are favored by squirrels due to their delicious flavor and high-fat content. Squirrels often stash pecans for later consumption.

6. Hickory nuts: Hickory nuts are a common food source for squirrels. These nuts offer a rich and buttery taste that squirrels find irresistible.

7. Pine nuts: Squirrels also enjoy pine nuts, which are found inside pine cones. These nuts are high in calories and provide squirrels with essential nutrients.


1. Can squirrels eat peanuts? Yes, squirrels can eat peanuts. However, it’s important to provide unsalted peanuts as salted ones can be harmful to them.

2. Are all nuts safe for squirrels to consume? While most nuts are safe for squirrels, it’s best to avoid giving them salted or flavored nuts, as they can be harmful.

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3. Can squirrels eat raw nuts? Yes, squirrels can eat raw nuts. In fact, they prefer them in their natural state.

4. How do squirrels crack open nuts? Squirrels use their sharp teeth to crack open nutshells. They have strong jaws that allow them to break into hard shells.

5. Should I feed squirrels nuts year-round? It’s best to provide nuts to squirrels during the fall and winter months when their natural food sources may be scarce.

6. Can squirrels eat roasted nuts? Roasted nuts are not recommended for squirrels as the high temperatures used during roasting can alter the nutritional content of the nuts.

7. How can I attract squirrels to my backyard? To attract squirrels, you can place a squirrel feeder filled with nuts in your backyard. Additionally, planting nut-bearing trees can also encourage squirrels to visit.

In conclusion, nuts play a vital role in a squirrel’s diet. Offering a variety of nuts can help support their health and provide them with the energy they need to thrive.