What to Eat Tostones With

What to Eat Tostones With

Tostones are a popular dish in many Latin American and Caribbean countries. They are made from green plantains that are sliced, fried, and then flattened. The result is a crispy and savory side dish that pairs well with a variety of flavors. If you’re wondering what to eat tostones with, here are some delicious suggestions to try.

1. Mojo sauce: This tangy and garlicky sauce made from citrus juice, garlic, and herbs is a classic accompaniment to tostones. Its bright flavors complement the crispy texture of the dish.

2. Guacamole: The creamy and rich flavors of guacamole are a great contrast to the crunchiness of tostones. The combination creates a mouthwatering blend of textures and tastes.

3. Salsa: Whether it’s a classic tomato-based salsa or a fruity salsa with mango or pineapple, the fresh and spicy flavors of salsa are a perfect match for tostones.

4. Black beans: Tostones and black beans are a staple combination in many Latin American cuisines. The earthy and hearty flavors of the beans complement the crispy and slightly salty tostones.

5. Shrimp ceviche: The zesty flavors of shrimp ceviche add a refreshing twist to tostones. The citrusy marinade of the ceviche pairs well with the crunchy texture of the dish.

6. Pulled pork: Tostones make a great base for a pulled pork topping. The tender and flavorful meat pairs well with the crispy tostones, creating a satisfying and indulgent dish.

7. Queso fresco: The mild and crumbly texture of queso fresco cheese is a perfect addition to tostones. Sprinkle some on top, and it will add a creamy and slightly tangy element to the dish.

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1. Are tostones healthy?
Tostones are generally considered a healthier alternative to traditional potato chips because they are made from green plantains and fried in oil. However, they should still be consumed in moderation due to their high calorie content.

2. Can I bake tostones instead of frying them?
While baking tostones is an option, they won’t have the same crispy texture as when they are fried. However, baking can be a healthier alternative if you’re trying to reduce your oil consumption.

3. Can I use ripe plantains to make tostones?
No, tostones are made from green plantains, not ripe ones. Green plantains have a starchy and firm texture that is necessary to achieve the desired crispy result.

4. How do I make tostones at home?
To make tostones, start by peeling and slicing green plantains. Fry the slices until they are golden brown, then remove them from the oil and flatten them with a tostonera or the bottom of a glass. Finally, fry them again until they are crispy.

5. Can I freeze tostones?
Yes, you can freeze tostones. After frying and flattening them, allow them to cool completely before storing them in an airtight container or freezer bag. When you’re ready to eat them, simply reheat them in the oven.

6. What are some other names for tostones?
Tostones are known by different names in various countries. In Puerto Rico, they are called “tostones,” while in the Dominican Republic, they are known as “tostones” or “tostones verdes.”

7. Can I use tostones as a main dish?
While tostones are typically served as a side dish or appetizer, you can certainly make them the star of your meal by topping them with various proteins like grilled chicken, beef, or seafood.

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