Where Does Longhorn Steakhouse Get Their Meat

Where Does Longhorn Steakhouse Get Their Meat?

Longhorn Steakhouse, a popular American casual dining chain, prides itself on serving high-quality steaks to its customers. But have you ever wondered where Longhorn Steakhouse gets their meat from? Let’s dive into the details.

Longhorn Steakhouse sources its meat from reputable suppliers in the United States. The restaurant chain focuses on partnering with farms and ranches that prioritize humane animal treatment and sustainable farming practices. This commitment ensures that the meat served at Longhorn Steakhouse is not only delicious but also ethically sourced.

By partnering with trusted suppliers, Longhorn Steakhouse can maintain the quality and consistency of its steaks throughout its restaurants. The company has a rigorous selection process for its suppliers, ensuring they meet the highest standards when it comes to animal welfare, food safety, and sustainability.


1. Are Longhorn Steakhouse steaks grass-fed?
Longhorn Steakhouse primarily serves grain-fed beef, as it provides the desired marbling and tenderness for their steaks.

2. Do they offer organic meat options?
Currently, Longhorn Steakhouse does not offer organic meat options on its menu.

3. How is the meat aged?
Longhorn Steakhouse ages its meat for at least 21 days to enhance tenderness and flavor.

4. Are there any hormone or antibiotic-free options?
Longhorn Steakhouse ensures that its meat is free of added hormones, and they work with suppliers who follow responsible antibiotic use guidelines.

5. Can customers choose the level of doneness for their steaks?
Yes, Longhorn Steakhouse allows customers to choose their preferred level of doneness, ranging from rare to well-done.

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6. What cuts of meat does Longhorn Steakhouse offer?
Longhorn Steakhouse offers a variety of cuts, including filet, ribeye, sirloin, and New York strip, to name a few.

7. How are the steaks prepared?
Longhorn Steakhouse grills its steaks to perfection, using a special seasoning blend to enhance their natural flavors.

In conclusion, Longhorn Steakhouse is committed to serving high-quality steaks sourced from reputable suppliers in the United States. By prioritizing animal welfare and sustainable farming practices, they ensure that their customers enjoy delicious and ethically sourced meat in every bite.